!Postponed to October 17th to 18th!

The electoral victory of Syriza in January 2015 started an intense, political and economic conflict on economic alternatives in Europe and the chances of their realization. This conflict is far from over. At the beginning of July the Greek population refused with impressive majority the blackmail of the Troika. But a few days later the Greek government gave in. Not only in Greece there is now anger and frustration instead of hope and enthusiasm.

Since April the independent newspaper project FaktenCheck:Hellas discussed these developments and tried to make a contribution to the “solidarity with the population in Greece” – what is the newspaper’s subtitle. 200.000 distributed newspapers altogether, financed by the readers (!), a Greek edition of the issues 3 and 4 as supplement to Efsyn in Athens, online editions in four further languages (English, French, Spain, Italian) –all this indicates, that from Berlin an internationalist discussion started. We want to take the next step. Even if arguments do not matter at Eurogroup meetings – for a democratic alternative well founded arguments are crucial.

From September 18th thru 20th we organize a conference in the Berlin “House of Democracy and Human Rights” – to give a voice to different positions, approaches and experiences. The conference will deal with three subjects:

  • First solidarity with the population in Greece, after the „No“ to a new austerity program, imposed by the EU, and after the „Yes“ of the Greek parliament to such a new austerity program, imposed by the EU.
  • Second the inhuman regime of isolating the EU against hundreds of thousands of refugees on their way to Europe, with special attention to the route from northern Africa and Syria via Greece to the EU-core – and possibilities for solidarity.
  • Third a political debate on the newest developments in Greece and on the perspective of a leftist answer to neoliberal Europe.

Location: House of Democracy and Human Rights, Berlin 10405, Greifswalderstr. 4. The conference is organized by FaktenCheck:HELLAS , the greek daily EFSYN – Daily of the editors, LabourNet Germany and the quarterly journal Lunapark21 .

The conference program is in the making. It will be published as soon as possible. The registration for the conference starts August 22th via our website FaktenCheck:HELLAS .