NO to EU Blackmailing on Greece – YES to Open Borders: EU is responsible for Economic Misery, for War and Fleeing

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We shared the thrill. We shared the pain. We shared the fight. Then, in spring, when Tsipras and Varoufakis denounced Troika’s destructive politics. Then, in summer, when Greek referendum ended up in the overwhelming OXI. At least since Greek government and the parliament in Athens – resulting from EU’s blackmailing politics – by a majority voted for a third Memorandum and thus for an aggravation of austerity, opinions differ again. Now with September 20th Greece has voted (once again) – and we have arrived where doubters of parliamentary solutions had remained in January.

What can we learn from the experiences so far? What is the situation, what are the prospects now in Greece? What does that mean for us and for the Left in Europe? Greece and us. Conference in Berlin on October 17th/18th 2015