After the coup in 1967 the Greek fascist regime arrested more than 10.000 people – leftists, trade-unionists and democrats. For years thousands had to live in prisons and on islands with concentration camps. Among them celebrities like Mikis Theodorakis. The regime developed a broad scale of torture methods which were used regularly. Among them “Falanga” (“beating the sole of the foot with a metal bar or a wire”); “torture through hanging” (“prisoner is hanged at wrists, feet or ears using string or handcuffs”); “torture using electric shocks” (“electrodes are attached to some parts of the body through which high voltage electric shocks are sent. Usually both male and female genitals are used for this torture technique.”) And: “Water treatment: Water is poured into a prisoner’s mouth and nose, soap is smeared into his eyes, mouth and nose. Meanwhile his head gets battered onto the torture bench on which he is fastened.”

Quoted from: Schwarzbuch der Diktatur in Griechenland, Rowohlt, Hamburg 1970, S. 134; based on reports handed to the European Council