FactCheck:HELLAS issue 4, July 2015This is the forth issue of the new FCH magazine founded in April 2015 (Download PDF). FactCheck:HELLAS is being produced in German since April 2015. Issue 4 appears in the following six languages: German, Greek, English, French, Italian and Spanish. As of issue 3 FCH is also being published as a supplement for the Greek daily EFSYN (“the journalists newspaper”). We ask for generous donations, massive support and optimal distribution. Your FCH editors.


  • Hope dwindles – but solidarity remains
  • Margarita Tsomou: A coup
  • Fact versus fiction
  • Nicos Chilas: In the shark tank. Alexis Tsipras‘ contradictory battle for survival
  • Antje Vollmer: The Greek referendum – a rebirth of democracy
  • Mohssen Massarrat: In Athens, a new chapter in European history began.
  • Dorothee Vakalis: How both sides served the desire to forget. The example of General Alexander Andrae, the first commander of “fortress Crete”
  • Business and Crime
  • Sebastian Gerhardt: Onwards and upwards? Perspectives for the Greek economy within the Eurozone
  • Refugees – EU – Greece. Solidarity networks in front line to care for arriving refugees
  • An outcry from Idomeni in the north of Greece
  • Nadja Rakovitz: “I have been to Idomeni…”
  • Dimitrios Angelidis: Refugee policies: Progress is made. Politics in the shadow of European deterrence
  • Criminal prosecution of practical help for refugees has to end!
  • “Please carry on producing FactCheck: Hellas!” – Interview with Dimitris Psarras, EFSYN

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